Balcony Women: An Inspirational Small Group Guide for Widows & Journal
Balcony Women: An Inspirational Small Group Guide for Widows & Journal

Balcony Women: An Inspirational Small Group Guide for Widows & Journal

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Guide ($9.99):  Widows need other widows to help navigate grief — peers who can help them sort through emotions, share tears and struggles, and celebrate progress. “Balcony Women: An Inspirational Small Group Guide for Widows” was created by widows for widows, to provide practical advice and much needed emotional support. Whether you are a new widow or have walked this path for several years, this guide will provide encouragement and guidance to meet your unique needs on your grief journey. The guide can be used in a group setting or on your own.

This small group guide provides instruction to small group leaders on how to conduct a meeting, as well as the content of each meeting. It is divided into 12 sections, one for each monthly meeting. Every section has an opening prayer, widow voices, Bible verses, widow stories, an area for personal notes, and a closing prayer.

We encourage you to consider using the companion “Balcony Women: A Joy Journal for Widows” as an added source of encouragement while you work through the small group guide.


Journal ($7.99):  This Joy Journal is a supplemental tool intended to be used in conjunction with our companion book, "Balcony Women:  An Inspirational Small Group Guide for Widows."  The journal can be a useful outlet when you experience a grief trigger and are struggling.  You can review your entries over time to see the progress you have made and be reminded of the God Sightings you've witnessed along your journey.

Using your Joy Journal is simple.  Start by writing one positive thing that happened each day before you go to bed.  It doesn't have to be a momentous event.  It can be "I brushed my teeth today."  The purpose of this tool is to focus on the good God is doing in your life.  Start by listing one, then two, and gradually progressing to add more and more.  Soon finding joyful moments becomes a positive habit.  You will find yourself looking for the good in each day so that you will have content for your journal.  We encourage you to journal Bible verses that speak to you, God Sighting you experience, as well as tools you have learned.


Print Length - 186 pages

Language - English

Publication Date - May 17th, 2022

Dimensions - 5.5 x .042 x 8.5 inches

Weight - 10.6 ounces

Publisher - Design Vault Press, LLC