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Melissa Phenicie, Founder/President
Education, Marketing, Nonprofit


God had always surrounded me with Balcony Women growing up. I thought everyone lifted up and encouraged others. As an adult, I had an experience that opened my eyes and heart to the realization that not everyone is as fortunate.  I began praying for God to introduce me to other Balcony Women and to help me teach women how they too could be Balcony Women.  He placed in on my heart that I needed to join Him if I wanted to make my prayer a reality.  I was happy to, but I was thinking small and willing to work in my own circle of influence.  God was faithful in His promise, but He expected more of me then I realized when I agreed to join Him.  As God’s vessel, He is working through me to create a women’s ministry that shows women how to live a life of purpose by following three key verses: Train a child in the way she should go… Proverbs 22:6 (Balcony Girls), Therefore encourage and lift others up… 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (Balcony Women), Religion God finds pure and faultless it to take care of His widows …  James 1:27 (Balcony Women for Widows).


Our Balcony Women Board is comprised of women within our community who desire to lift up and encourage other women. Their devotion to this calling is evident in how they live their everyday lives.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up. 
1 Thessalonians 5:11


We believe we are called to strengthen women of all ages and help them fulfill the purpose for which they were created.  When we participate in helping another woman fulfill her God given purpose, all women succeed.

Shae Hedrick, Vice President
Nursing, Nonprofit, Marketing, Fundraising


Cathy Burdick
Education, Nonprofit

Deanna Cloud

Mary Deisenroth
Education, Nonprofit

Christie Derr

Buffy Ebright
Education, Nonprofit

Shea Eby
Promotions Producer, Communications

Kristy Garrett
Early Childhood Education, Entrepreneur

Margaret Hosier
Administration, Management

Joy Hulver
Marketing, Copywriting, Editing

Julie Johns
Counseling, Human Development, Christian Education, Nonprofit Fundraising

Kristine Rouse
Court Reporter, Entrepreneur, Volunteer

Katie Ruley
Human Relations, Enneagram Coach

Jamie Schaffitzel
Accounting, Nonprofit, Fundraising

Dianne Siegfried
Communications, Strategic Planning, Fundraising

Kaci Skidgel
Education, Nonprofit, Financial Advisor, Entrepreneur

Tami Stallings
Sales, Retail, Hospitality, Decorator

MC Swab
Videographer, Interviewer

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