Piper: A balcony woman making it her business to bless others. by Joy Hulver

Piper is one of those friends who you want to be around all the time. You know the type.  Positive, energetic, f-u-n, always smiling. The hostess in the center of the room commanding laughs, while making everyone feel the most welcome. I think that’s the reason God gave her red hair-because he knew she would get lots of attention! She is intentional with her time and talents, while making parenthood and owning her own business look effortless. She has been known to show up at your doorstep with a chicken pot pie for no reason at all (she’s vegan, so that’s saying a lot) or send you flowers just because she knows you need some pep in your step. Friends would call her humble and selfless. Loyal to the core.

The ever-fabulous Piper decided to open a café (Ediblend Superfood Café) in Tulsa, OK, with her sister to make plant-based living more convenient and accessible for busy people. Seven years later, she has been blessed with a thriving business that is serving our community in ways she never imagined.

What Piper never saw coming was that her passion for plant-based living would give her a platform for generosity, giving away what God has given her.

For starters, her café has impacted the way people feel on the daily. Piper has equipped her employees with an attitude of joy and it spills out to the customers. She has instilled in her team that how you make people feel is powerful.

 “Ediblend is this magical place where you can walk in having had the worst day and somehow you walk out with a smile.”

-Angie S. (ediblend customer)

Being in charge of a team has also brought unique opportunities to be generous. Piper spends time investing in the lives of her team and making sure they are growing as individuals outside their job. Cheering her team on in their personal lives has made a tremendous difference.

“Piper is my boss, but I know she cares about me beyond the walls of this café. She motivates me to want to make a difference in the lives of others and she’s given me the opportunity to encourage others here at the café. When you have someone investing in your life, you naturally want to do that for others.”

-Miracle (ediblend employee)

What wires Piper is her love for Jesus. She loves to give generously because she knows who gave her everything. Upon hearing about Balcony Women’s widow dinner, she jumped at the chance to spread some cheer. And she has done this countless times for other organizations across Tulsa.

Piper thought she’d help some Tulsans commit to a plant-based lifestyle when she opened her small business, but what she really did (and continues to do) was plant seeds of encouragement that will harvest fruit for years and years to come. That’s what balcony women do. They are genuine in their love for others and lavish with their gifts because they know it’s better to give than to receive. To know Piper is to love Piper and maybe that’s because she knows her creator so well.

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

Proverbs 11:25 

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