Balcony Women LoLeta & Natalie

Balcony Women, JoLeta and her daughter Natalie put together 35 Christmas care packages for the widows in their community.
"This year has been so isolating for so many. Everyone needs to feel loved and cared about, despite everything this year has put us through. This is what inspired these packages. We filled them with useful, delicious, and beautiful things!"
- Natalie

"I am so very proud of Natalie for putting this project together. The smiles and sweet messages from the widows have really touched our hearts." - JoLeta

JoLeta is a widow and knows from experience that widows need other widows and a community of women to love, care and support them on their grief journey.  She and her family have made it their mission to fulfill God's calling in James 1:27 to take care of His widows.   

JoLeta not only supports Balcony Women, but she is also the Program Director for Stand in the Gap for Widows and a contributor at Widows Link.


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