Balcony Women (and Men) Volunteers Making a Difference

We are very grateful to our Balcony Women (and men) that purposely work to fulfill God's calling to look after His widows.  Recently, they spent an afternoon and blessed a widow by doing some yard work.

Did you know that 700,000 women are widowed each year (US census), becoming a widow is #1 Stressor (Holmes & Rahe Stress Scale), and widows lose on average 75% of their emotional support base (widow stats) which includes family and friends.

When you donate or purchase items from you are providing a widow with the opportunity to find a community where she belongs and support to restore her hope.  Thank you!

Religion that God our Father finds pure and faultless, is this: take care of the widows in their distress.  James 1:27

Balcony Women (and Men) Making a Difference


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