Balcony Woman Becky

"My aunt Becky gave me this cross necklace last Easter when she found out she had pancreatic cancer. I hated that she gave it to me because I didn’t want her to start preparing her goodbyes.

When she went into remission this past Thanksgiving, she cried because she “was so excited to see Jesus and now she has to wait even longer.” I had never seen faith like that. I’ve never cried with happiness at the thought of not existing so I could go see God.

I’ve never lost my faith, but I’ve definitely kept it on the back burner and glared at it with an ironic bitterness for the last year. Between the divorce, failures, breakups, deaths, and drastic changes, 2020 had taken just about everything I loved away.

I was pretty fed up with any idea of a higher power who was looking out for my best interest. I let my bitterness and resentment manifest into isolation and bad habits.

Yesterday, I went on a long walk with someone who I care about deeply. We both agreed to get our lives back on track and meet at 7 am today for a Bible study. I’ve been sleeping in until noon and haven’t touched my Bible in forever.

My aunt passed away at 7 am this morning. I’d like to think this isn’t simply coincidental. I know she prayed for me and my family relentlessly every day.

I found out the news while driving and was able to see the necklace she left me hanging on the dash board. I feel at peace knowing she is home. And that her prayers finally got to me. I know she’s proud. I want to have the faith that she did and the eagerness to pray and care for others. I’ll never be able to convey to her how thankful I am that she was here for the time she was given. But I have a feeling she knows. I love you Aunt B." ❤️ - Sydni

Balcony Woman how do we set an example of faith? By holding on to our faith in the midst of difficult circumstances.

There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you have to endure many trials for a little while.  These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold.

When we don’t quit in the midst of hard times, we set an example in faithfulness that results in praise to our Lord and strengthens us and others around us.  When we persevere, it encourages others to persevere.

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